Proteotypes is the publishing arm of Proteus Gowanus. Its mission is to extend some of what happens at Proteus Gowanus — themed shows of artwork, satellite exhibits, archival material, events, and workshops — into the field of printed matter. So the first Proteotypes book, Play, was the companion to a yearlong theme of PLAY, and our third, The Social Vision of Alfred T. White, reassembled as essayists many of the speakers of an event, Alfred T. White Day, celebrated at Proteus Gowanus. Proteotypes places particular emphasis on books designed to challenge the notion of what a book is; that emphasize the book as aesthetic object; that link art to disparate disciplines; and that juxtapose seemingly incongruous ideas to create new important meanings.

Proteotypes’ interests are very diverse; they include but are not limited to the literary. Instead they come about organically as collaborators bring in new ideas. Proteotypes does not accept manuscript submissions as such, but if you have an idea for a collaboration and are willing to invest the time and work to develop it here, then a publication might grow out it. Please address those ideas to either Wendy Walker or Tom La Farge (email and address below).

Tom La Farge is the Managing Editor of Proteotypes and Wendy Walker is Editor.

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