study hall

Study Hall, A Co-Working Space

Proteus Gowanus invites you to join Study Hall, a place for contemplation, study and work. Members use the Proteus galleries and reading rooms to work in quiet community with others in a setting filled with art, artifacts and books. Study Hall is not monastic: quiet conversations may take place occasionally among members, collaborations may develop, friendships may form. But the presence of others deep in concentration serves as an inducement to work, without the pall of absolute solitude that, for some, can distract the mind.

Study Hall is open every weekday (Monday through Friday) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

During Study Hall, Proteus Gowanus provides members with chairs, tables, and WiFi. Fresh coffee and occasional snacks are also included. Small cubbies are provided to members for supplies and notebooks.

Study Hall Code of Conduct

We ask all Study Hall members to agree to maintain Study Hall’s quiet atmosphere, to avoid disturbing others and to help maintain cleanliness and order at Proteus Gowanus. All members are asked to sign the following agreement:

  • Members will conduct phone conversations in the hallway or outdoors.
  • Members will keep listening devices at a low volume so as not to disturb others nearby.
  • Members will take their food and recycling garbage home with them as there is no garbage or recycling service at the building.
  • Proteus Gowanus reserves the right to ask members to discontinue membership if they are creating a disturbance or otherwise not adhering to the Study Hall code of conduct.


  • Members must pay in advance.
  • Membership can be purchased on a month-by-month basis at $50 per month or for a three month period for $125.
  • We accept cash,  checks and Visa or Mastercard.
  • Members will be asked to sign a contract at the time of payment.
  • Payment should be made at Proteus Gowanus.


  • Fees will be refunded for cancellations made before the start date on the contract.
  • Cancellations made after the start date are non-refundable.
  • If members are asked to leave, they will be refunded the remainder of their membership fee for unused days.