Recent economic chaos had laid bare the tentative framework that supports America’s culture of consumption. The auto industry, the quintessential symbol of the pioneering American spirit, appeared on the verge of the collapse during the months prior to 2009. Suddenly, scarcity seemed imminent and a desperate search for new sources of oil, the essential nutrient of our economy, had raised the specter of social conflict on a global scale. Meanwhile, much of the U.S. populace is staying home, ordering in and watching reality TV. These developments lead us to ask where we – as individuals, as a nation and as a species – are going? Are we stuck? How does one get from one place to the next, anyway? And most importantly, perhaps, where exactly do we hope to arrive?

These concerns set the stage for the 2009-10 theme at Proteus Gowanus. Transport was a three-phase exhibit. Throughout, we hosted events related to our theme.

Transport Co-Curator: David Mahfouda

Transport 1

Fall 2009

Participants: Kevin T. Allen, William Allen, Aurora Andrews, Paul Benney, Diane Bertolo, Susan Bouchard, Ellen Driscoll, Laure Drogoul, Charles Goldman, David Mahfouda, Peter Reich, Allen Riley, Chris Piazza, Lance Rutledge, Jeffrey Schiff, Friese Undine, James Walsh, Barbara Westermann

Transport 2

Spring 2010

On Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 6 pm, the Transport exhibit entered Phase II of our exploration.  Phase II explored transportative themes of falling, rising, rolling and changing perspective in our continually evolving exhibition of art, artifacts and books.

Participants: Sarah Beaumont, Diane Bertolo, Gordon Fearey, Charles Goldman, Laura Greig, Carolyn Lambert & Siobhan Rigg, Jeanne Liotta, Robyn Love, David Mahfouda & Allen Riley, Lance Rutledge, Cyrus  Saint, Amand Poliakoff, Julia Solis & Ars Subterranea, Tony Stanzione, Allison Termine, Mose Tolliver, Quito Zeigler & Ariel Federow, Lisa Young

Transport 3

Summer  2010

On June 12, 2010, Transport Phase III was launched. This exhibit was curated by the group Underwater NY, with work ranging from paintings to letterpress prints to stories in bottles, from photographs to artist books to installations, all inspired by things found in and around the waterways of New York City. Underwater New York is a creative conduit between artists and a landscape of underwater objects and phenomena, encouraging a new consideration of the waters that surround, splice and serve our city. Extracting directly from the arteries of transportation that have shaped New York since its start, the Phase III exhibition invited artists to imagine previously unconsidered depths.

Participants: Adrian Kinloch, 
Kris Percival
, Colette Murphy, 
Dan Selzer
, Nicole Haroutunian
, Jill Allyn Peterson, 
Rick Caruso, 
Nate Dorr
, Roger Borg, 
Deborah Sabat, 
Nura Qureshi
, Rose Nestler
, Sarah Mostow, 
Kira Sexton
, Matthea Harvey, Alex Dimitrov
, Aldina Vazao Kennedy
, Kate Overgaard
, Nicole Miller
, Ben Greenman
, Tom McCarthy
, Kathryn Davis, 
Robert Lopez
, Deb Olin Unferth
, James McClosky, 
Michelle Wildgen
, David Hollander