The New York Times reported on the newly announced plan to close Proteus Gowanus for good. Published June 9, 2015, the article says of Proteus, “It has been part library, part museum, part art gallery, part community center and part anything its creators and collaborators wanted it to be. Now, without it ever ossifying into something more fixed, it is time to write its obituary.”

The community news service, DNAinfo, was the first to report on Proteus’ plan to close its doors, in the article, Proteus Gowanus Art Center Closing After 10 Years in Business.

On April 16, The New York Times cited Proteus Gowanus as one of the ten best galleries to visit in Brooklyn and Queens and shows a photo of Lauren Cannon, installing her Project-In-Residence in our Trade Routes exhibition.


Untapped Cities reviews our exhibition, “Combined Overflow” in its May 21, 2014 issue. The article, Combined Overflow: Artists Take on NYC’s Two Big Superfund Sites, includes images from the show and some local history as well.

New York Times article, February 6, 2014. In “Death in the Afternoon, Then Drinks“, Julie Besonen explores The Morbid Anatomy Library and creative director Joanna Ebenstein’s vision for the new museum opening in April.

February 4, 2014. Pardon Me For Asking, a neighborhood blog, gives a shout out to the new parent and children drawing classes taught by Lado Pochkhua, coming to Proteus in March.

Brooklyn blog Pardon Me For Asking mentioned our “Collaborative Art and Historical Inspiration” lecture at TEDx Gowanus in this January 27, 2014 blog post.

Untapped Cities names our project-in-residence, the Morbid Anatomy Library, as #2 on their list of Top 10 Off-the Radar Museums in NYC.

The January 8, 2014 Daily News piece covers our involvement with the TEDx Gowanus conference about “Sludgie” the baby minke whale and the collaborative inspiration to be found in the Gowanus neighborhood.


This December 20, 2013 article in DNAinfo New York discusses our TEDx Gowanus lecture on the neighborhood and interactive art exhibit dedicated to remembering “Sludgie” the whale.

Brooklyn Exposed shows some support for our annual holiday fair, on December 14 and 15 this winter.

Big news announced in DNAinfo New York, for our project-in-residence run by creative director Joanna Ebenstein in “Museum of ‘Morbid Anatomy’ to Open in Gowanus“, December 13, 2013.

Time Out New York article, December 13, 2013, on exciting news for our project-in-residence run by Joanna Ebenstein, the soon to be Morbid Anatomy museum, opening in 2014.

DNAinfo New York mentions us as part of the Gowanus art scene on August 27, 2013, in “Gallery Moves to Brooklyn Because Gowanus ‘Is Like LES Was 20 Years Ago'”-the article about Show Room Gowanus, located down the block.

The May 12, 2013 Brooklyn Daily Eagle piece explores our yearlong Battle theme and involvement in Brooklyn’s re-emerging art scene.

For their Spring 2013 list, Brooklyn Magazine declares Gowanus as #3 of their 12 Best Neighborhoods for culture. The piece points out the four year anniversary of Proteus project-in-residence, The Observatory, noting “that there is a place in Brooklyn where we can learn about Victorian death jewelry and how to taxidermy a raccoon head.”

This February 14, 2013 Untapped Cities post explores the allure of the Morbid Anatomy Library in, “Morbid Anatomy Library, Where Death and Beauty Intersect.”


The September 26, 2012 Library as Incubator Project site has a piece by our own Andrew Beccone on the platypus nature of the Reanimation Library.

In its Summer, 2012 issue, Art Review looked at a resurgence of art salons in NYC, including the Multispecies Salon, convened by our Anthropologist-in-Residence Eben Kirksey and housed in the Spring, 2012 here at Proteus Gowanus.

In The Golden Frog’s Arduino Utopia, June 28, 2012, Make Magazine visited Anthropologist-in-Residence Eben Kirksey’s Utopia for the Golden Frog at Proteus Gowanus.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle covers the big Protean picture June 27, 2012 in At Proteus Gowanus Gallery, It’s Art for More than Art’s Sake., in the person of Elissa Weinsteinattended our June 15th, 2012 Wandering and Wondering event with Sal Randolph, Maud Casey and Jeff Dolven and wrote a lovely piece about the place, the people and the conversation.

Untapped New York, June 13, 2012. Atlas Obscura Launches the Obscura Society at Proteus Gowanus reviews cartoon cryptozoologist Tom Stathes’ Cartoon Carnival #10 in the Observatory.

Velvet Roper, June 4, 2012. Gypsy Songs and Tarot Cars at the Annual Proteus Gowanus Benefit reports on the Nomad Mixer, held in celebration of the conclusion of the year of Migration.

The Natural Resources Defense Council’s monthly column on sustainable living, This Green Life, May 2012, mentions the Fixers’ Collective in The 4th R: Repair – Waste Reduction’s Missing Link.

The Design Observer Group, May 21, 2012, On Places, “Marginalia: Little Libraries in the Urban Margins,” by Shannon Mattern mentions the Reanimation Library and Hall of the Gowanus as compelling “little libraries.”

The New York Times, May 21, 2012. Relics With Much to Tell About Bird Diets May Be Lost to Time by Sarah Fecht tells how the 15 glass jars in Sam Droege’s collection ended up on display at Proteus Gowanus. Appeared on page D3 of the New York edition.

Toronto Standard, January 10, 2012, The Morbid Anatomy Library in Proteus Gowanus breaks today’s taboos  in Death In The Closet.

BBC Travel, Feb. 9, 2012. Brad Cohen chronicles his trip courtesy of the Bureau of Unknown Destinations for BBC’s The Passport Blog.

The Village Voice, Feb. 6, 2012. Keyana Stevens makes mention of the Bureau of Unknown Destinations in The Village Voice’s Runnin’ Scared blog.

The Daily Mail, Feb 28, 2012 Morbid Anatomy Art Academy’s class mentioned in Is this the most bizarre art project ever? Taxidermy class teaches students how to stuff dead mice and pose them up ‘as if they were humans’ by Jennifer Madison also Would you buy or make dead mouse art? Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News, Des souris (mimi) et des hommes (cruels) and Ottawa Citizen,


Red Hook Star Revue, Oct. 16 – 21, 2011. The Red Hook Star Revue attends the opening exhibition of the migration year.

Red Hook Star Revue, Aug. 11, 2011. The Red Hook Star Revue reports on the Hall of the Gowanus in “Proteus Gowanus Is a Treasure Trove of Gowanus Canal History”.

Wall Street Journal, Jul. 22, 2011. Reporter Ashlea Halpern dubs Proteus Gowanus the indisputable “king of micro-libraries”

Daily News, Jul. 9, 2011. Artist fixes insomnia in the city that never sleeps by reading strangers bedtime stories profiles artist Madhu Kaza. Her project, Here is Where We Meet, was created for the paradise theme year at Proteus Gowanus.

Daily News, Jul. 7, 2011. Previewing Vertical Player Repertory’s performance of La Calisto, hosted by Proteus Gowanus in our 19th C courtyard, the News says, “In 1651, when La Calisto debuted in Venice, it boasted big-budget scenery meant to conjure awe of the immortals. The Gowanus set consists of a bed, a wooden ladder and a rug.”

Brooklyn-Based, Jul. 7, 2011. In Bedtime Stories for (Brave) Adults, Roseanne Pereira invites Proteus Gowanus artist Madhu Kaza into her bedroom for Kaza’s art project, Here Is Where We Meet. Kaza travels to people’s home to read them to sleep, tip-toeing out the door when the snoring begins.

Brooklyn Eagle, Jun. 23, 2011. Reporter Mike Weiss takes notes as the Gowanus Celebrates the Flushing Tunnel’s 100th anniversary, starting at the old pumping station and ending at Proteus Gowanus.

The Brooklyn Paper, Jun. 23, 2011. Or you can read the Brooklyn Paper’s version which asks the question, “A Parade for the Gowanus?” And answers: “Look, this is Brooklyn!”

Carroll Gardens /, Jun. 13, 2011. A short video gives a taste of the Proteus Gowanus annual benefit party, Paradise Bizarre, an extravaganza of performance, music, food and wine.

NewYork Post, Apr. 21, 2011. The impending arrival of a Superfund sample of Gowanus sludge in the Hall of the Gowanus is described in the article, Gowanus Museum Gunk-Ho.

Christian Science Monitor, Mar. 21, 2011. In this article about the Fixers Collective, The Art of the Fix-It,  the writer details the jubilant reaction when a mortally ill blender is fixed.

Carroll Gardens, NY Patch, Feb. 4, 2011. A blog post on Proteus Gowanus, The Old Man of  the Canal, features the gallery as a whole calling it, “the beating heart of a thriving arts community”.

Carroll Gardens, NY Patch, Jan. 13, 2011. A blog post on the Fixers Collective, If It’s Broken, They’ll Fix It, describes a Fixers meeting where a broken clock and a jammed suitcase handle challenge the skills of all those attending.


Citywide, Dec. 19, 2010. The blog for NYU’s student-run radio station, WNYU, carries an interview with Sasha Chavchavadze, Founder and Creative Director, and Tammy Pittman, Director, about Proteus Gowanus and its many projects and partners-in-residence.

The Huffington Post, Dec. 2, 2010. HuffPost writes about the Fixers Collective and posts a video by Damiano Beltrani called Brooklyn Workshop Fosters the Art of Repair.

artnet Magazine, Nov. 9, 2010. Scroll down this page to see a note about Proteus Gowanus’ participation in the NY Artbooks Fair, sponsored by Printed Matter and located at MOMA PS1.

The Huffington Post, Oct. 15, 2010. Proteus Gowanus is listed as one of “Ten ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’” from around the world.

Newsweek, Oct 28, 2010, Curator Joanna Ebenstein gives a tour of Proteus Gowanus’ Morbid Anatomy Library and shows why looking at collections of body parts and imagery, could help people deal with death in Very Bad Things.

The American Medical News, July 05, 2010, Morbid Anatomy, Website of the American Medical Association

New York Magazine, July 12, 2010. Proteus’ project-in-residence, the Fixers Collective, is listed in an article on “The New Collectivism – Where to Share Everything.”

The New York Times, March 26, 2010. A description of the Hall of the Gowanus and Reanimation Library, two projects in residence at Proteus Gowanus.  Along the Gowanus a Cultural Workshop Thrives

The New Yorker magazine’s March 8th edition contains an article by Patricia Marx called “Borough Haul.” Proteus Gowanus is said to be “the kind of place whose founder could get a MacArthur genius  grant.” She adds that PG “has the best gift shop in the world.”

On March 3rd,, an online environmental news organization, posted two videos and stories about our Fixers Collective: “Ask Umbra about turning a broken umbrella into a tote bag” and “Ask Umbra Visits the Fixers’ Collective.” Both videos were picked up by the Huffington Post.

On March 3rd, the New York Times Online, reacting to the EPA’s official designation of the Gowanus as a Superfund site, referred to us in two articles; “Let’s Put On a Gowanus Art Show” and “It’s Polluted, but the Canal Is Home, and Inspiration.”

Canadian Medical Association Journal, March 10, 2010, Joanna Ebenstein’s Morbid Obsession, slideshow.

In the February 18-24 edition of Time Out NY, our Study Hall program, offering a quiet place for writers, thinkers and dreamers to work, was featured as one of four places in NYC where you can “Enjoy absolute  silence”.

A ‘Disgusting and Beautiful’ Exhibit By Erin Durkin, The Daily News, January 26, ’10. An article about Proteus’ new Hall of the Gowanus, a mini-museum and gallery dedicated to the Gowanus Canal and its environs.

The Fixers’ Collective: Repairing the World, One Lamp at a Time. An overview of the Fixers’ Collective, a Proteus Gowanus project in The Brooklyn Rail.


A Special Group That Fixes What’s Broken. A visit to the Fixers Collective. Lauren Glassberg reporting for WABC-TV Eyewitness News.

The Art of the Repair by Penelope Green, published in the NY Times, October 8, 2009. A description of the Fixers Collective at work and the characters therein.

Lots a’ Fixins. By Alison Levy, published in Artslant, New York, June 2009. A description of Proteus Gowanus and its Projects In Residence, including The Morbid Anatomy Library, Reanimation Library, Observatory and the Fixers Collective.

Resurrecting Brooklyn’s Great Social Visionary. By Phoebe Neidle, published in The Brooklyn Eagle, April 28, 2009. A review and description of “The Social Vision of Alfred T. White”, published this month by Proteus Gowanus’ publishing arm, Proteotypes, in conjunction with the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Broken Chair Reacts to Economic Crisis. By Joyce Hanson on Goodgirl Blog, April 26, 2009. Joyce took her broken chair on a long journey by public transportation to the Fixers Collective where it found new life. “Wow,” she says. “There is hope after all.”

Blog Review of Tom La Farge’s “Administrative Assemblages.” By Doug Messerli of Green Integer, April 6, 2009. A review of La Farge’s first pamphlet in the upcoming 13 pamphlet series, “13 Writhing Machines” which, Messerli says, “promises not only to be an utterly entertaining presentation of various formal systems of literary writing, but an illustrative example of how to get writers, young and old, to experiment with new and empowering systems outside the scope of realist psychological narrative.”

Don’t Toss It Fix It. Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, April 3, 2009. Proteus Gowanus’ Fixers Collective was featured on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show and filmed for its website video.


An Image to Behold. By Amy Karafin, published in Time Out Magazine, May 14, 2008. A description of a Proteus event titled “An Afternoon of Arcane Media,” presenting images using antique media and projectors including magic lanterns and a Nic projector.


Down by the River by Caitlin Jones, published online Wednesday, September 19th, 2007. A general and generous description of the gallery.

Exhibit Mingles Books and Art At Proteus Gowanus Gallery by Brooklyn Eagle, published online 06-07-2007. Sasha Chavchavadze and Maddy Rosenberg are interviewed about the Libraries Show.

Organization Profile: Proteus Gowanus (opens as pdf) By Peter Wallace, published in the Brooklyn Arts Council Newspaper, Spring 2007. An article describing the gallery, its mission and non-profit collaborators.


The Artistsbook Library at Proteus Gowanus. Maddy Rosenberg, featured in Umbrella Magazine

Best of New York 2006: Proteus Gowanus. Best Proof That The Gowanus Arts District May Not Be Entirely A Real Estate Fiction — Proteus Gowanus. A review of the gallery by the Village Voice.

Cold War Memories, Burning Bright. A review of the Museum of Matches from The New York Times September 17, 2006.